7 Best Practices for Product Review Websites

Product review sites over the years have become more and more prevalent as many businesses have seen the important and benefits ofhaving them.Having a product review is not something that should be taken likely or jumped into without enough market research and information available.

Best Practices for Collecting Reviews

1. Ask for reviews personally – this is the hardest way to collect product reviews however some consumers do prefer the more personal way of doing business. Having an actual person to speak to about the experience they have had with their product makes consumers feel good.You can start with the most loyal consumers as they would more than likely have good reviews since they continue doing business with you.

2. Offer an incentive – even though not all businesses may have the ability to do this, offering an incentive to consumers for their feedback in exchange is a good way to collect reviews. You can start off by offering simply things that you can realistically afford like a coupon, a discount or a free upgrade.

Best Practices for Displaying Reviews

3. Experiment with different layout styles – there are numerous ways to layout your reviews. You can run tests and try new ways to see what looks best or what design is more likeable.see latest from http://herald-review.com/business/agriculture/consumer-tastes-test-food-scientists-ideas/article_e99a12fe-cf90-5edb-87f4-9386d0afc2d2.html

4. Don’t hide the negative reviews – as long as the negative reviews are actually true then you should make sure that they are still included on your site. A balance between negative and positive reviews gives your site more credibility and believability with consumers.

5. Ask consumers for detailed reviews – create a structure that is easy for consumers to follow in writing their product reviews. Ask specific questions to influence the consumer to write a more detailed review. You can also stipulate a minimum word count in order to nudge your consumers to include more information in their reviews.

6. Categorise reviews – structure is always more readable for consumers. Some consumers focus more on certain categories or features of a product and when you have already segmented your reviews it gives consumers an even easier job in deciding whether to go forward with their purchase or not.

Encourage Sharing Reviews

7. Enable consumers to share the review – some of the best product reviews will have a means for consumers to share the product with their family and friends.One of the most successful ways to spread content is through social media and with the development of the internet there are simpler ways for people to share content with just the click of a button.There are small, simply icons that you can add to your site that represent Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus and with just a click on one of the icons consumers can share the product.

Research and Development Department

There are many other best practices that can be used to ensure a beneficial product review.You can use large, clear and attractive images, use video advertising and also use 360-degree viewing of the product. Receiving reviews is not the end of the process as you should ensure that you monitor your site an read the reviews so that you can engage with consumers leaving negative reviews ad show your thanks to those who leave positive reviews.

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